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由于疫情的影响,很多运动都被推迟或者作废了,很多人的婚期被迫去后推迟。不过也同样是由于疫情,让一些人认识到更答该活在当下,于是他们尝试经过各栽手段去结婚。今天选举的《纽约时报》的文章,讲述了 13 对新秀在疫情当下经过各栽手段举办婚礼的故事,面对不幸,更答当全力追寻美满。

One couple’s self-uniting marriage in Pittsburgh, another’s virtual wedding in Harlem, New York, and yet another’s willingness to spend time at a county jail in Raleigh, North Carolina. These were just some of the ways determined couples around the country found to be legally married, despite the fact that the coronavirus had forced them to cancel, postpone and reschedule much larger and elegant affairs.


In the face of impending state shutdowns and social-distancing requirements, some couples plowed ahead. Like the couple who were married in a Roman Catholic church in Madison, Wisconsin, and whose first dance took place in the parking lot outside of the church, the music blaring from a car radio, as their wedding guests all cheered from their own cars.


And there were those, like a police officer and a nurse on Long Island, New York, who decided to quickly marry in her driveway, rather than continue planning a more elaborate wedding. The next morning, they both went to work, feeling their time was better served trying to save lives along the front lines of the battle against COVID-19.


What follows are a few of the stories of these weddings and the couples’ dreams for life ahead. — VINCENT M. MALLOZZI


Reaching for Something Tangible


4 月 3日,尼基塔-拉曼和詹姆斯-肯尼迪在匹兹堡的埃尔默路和艾恩路的拐角处举走了婚礼。


Nikita Raman and James Kennedy walked out of their Pittsburgh home for what appeared to be, as Raman put it, “our government-allowed-five-minute exercise time.”

住在匹兹堡的妮基塔·拉曼和詹姆斯·肯尼迪行使——借用拉曼的话说——「当局批准的 5 分钟锻炼时间」走削发门。

With stay-at-home rules in place until further notice because of the effects of the coronavirus, Raman, 25, a second-year medical student at the University of Pittsburgh, and Kennedy, 27, an energy-storage engineer at Mitsubishi, used their sparse outdoor time to put forth a different kind of exercise.

受新冠疫情影响,当局下达了居家令。匹兹堡大学医学系二年级的弟子、25 岁的拉曼和三菱公司的蓄能工程师、27 岁的肯尼迪,行使有限的外出时间进走了一项与多差别的锻炼。

Standing alongside two witnesses, their friends, Amanda Kusztos and Aviva Hakanoglu, Raman and Kennedy, who had been dating for more than six years after meeting at Dartmouth, exercised their right to marry each other in a self-uniting ceremony that took place at the intersection of Elmer Street and Urn Way.

拉曼和肯尼迪在达特茅斯相识,交去了 6 年多,现在,他们在至交阿曼达·库斯托什和阿维娃·哈卡诺格鲁的见证下,在埃尔默街和艾恩路交界处自走成婚。

“We love each other, and we have plans for a big wedding celebration in September,” Raman said. “But we’ve been at home reading and watching the news a lot lately, and it has become clear that no one really knows what’s going to happen with the virus. So just in case, for some reason, that our September event doesn’t happen, we have already been married.”

「吾们彼此相喜欢,本打算在 9 月举办一场盛大的婚礼。可是比来,吾们在家看了很多讯息,很显明,异国人清新接下去会发生什么。以是吾们就结婚了,以防万一出于某栽因为不克在 9 月份办婚礼,」拉曼说。

Kennedy put it a bit more succinctly. “Under oppressed circumstances,” he said, “you just have to reach out and grab something that’s tangible.”


They decided to marry April 3, a 60-degree evening beneath a fading sun that allowed Raman, who grew up in Marlboro, New Jersey, enough daylight to exchange vows with Kennedy, who was raised on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

他们决定于 4 月 3 日成婚。那天薄暮,气温 15 摄氏度,在新泽西州马尔伯勒长大的拉曼和在曼哈顿上西区长大的肯尼迪沐浴着斜阳交换了结婚誓言。

After the ceremony, the first phone calls Raman and Kennedy made were to their parents, Meghan and Marc Raman of Plainsboro, New Jersey, and Patricia Taylor and Allen Kennedy of Manhattan.


“I will share my life with yours, and build our dreams together,” the groom said to his new bride, as neighbors began appearing on their front porches to watch the impromptu ceremony.


“I promise to give you respect, love and loyalty,” said the bride, who then joined the groom in reading one of their favorite poems, “The Master Speed,” by Robert Frost.


They said, together: “From one another once we are agreed, that life is only life forevermore, together wing to wing and oar to oar.”




Everyone Stayed Home for This One


安妮-卡琳·达博和斯科特·韦伯 4 月 2 日在哈林区的家中客厅举走了婚礼。3 月 31 日,这对夫妇带着女儿去纽约州扬克斯市办理结婚证,法官托马斯·基尼奥内斯和市府副书记员迈克·拉蒙内利在那里协助办理了结婚证。


Less than a month ago, Anne-Karine Dabo, 40, who lives in Harlem with her boyfriend, Scott Webster, 43, was in no hurry to get married.

不到一个月前,家住哈莱姆的 40 岁的安妮-卡琳·达博和 43 岁的男友斯科特·韦伯斯特还不急着结婚。

Dabo, a Canadian, and Webster, an Australian, had lived together for four years. (Their 7-month-old daughter, Chloe Margaret Dabo Webster, was born in the United States and is an American citizen.)

达博是加拿大人,韦伯斯特是澳大利亚人,他们已经同居了 4 年。(他们的女儿、7 个月大的克洛·玛格丽特·达博·韦伯斯喧赫生在美国,是美国公民。)

“The subject of marriage never really came up,” she said. “There were never any concrete plans in the works.”


But then came the coronavirus, which triggered in Dabo “a deeper appreciation for family and togetherness,” as she put it, and a sudden desire to be married. So, while most couples postponed or rescheduled their weddings, Dabo found herself in the rarest of categories, wanting to get married because of the virus, not in spite of it.


Webster, whose first marriage, in Perth, Australia, ended in divorce but produced a daughter, said he had no problem obliging Dabo’s marriage request. “I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian,” he said, “so getting married at a time when others were calling off their weddings was kind of fitting in a way.”


Dabo, who is from Montreal, said she had been “bottling up” her emotions for most of March but could no longer after the Canadian border was closed to nonessential personnel. “That’s where I’m from, where my parents live,” she said.

来自蒙特利尔的达博说,3 月的大片面时间,她不息在「控制」本身的情感,但加拿大对非必要人员关闭边境之后,她再也控制不住了。「那是吾的家乡,是吾父母居住的地方。」

In search of a functioning city clerk’s office at a time when most businesses, churches and other places where people gather had been long-shuttered, Dabo finally hit pay dirt when Thomas Quiñones, a city court judge in Yonkers, New York, just north of the Bronx, answered their call, and scheduled a March 31 appointment for the couple to obtain a marriage license.

大无数商家、教堂和其他人员荟萃型场所早已关闭幸运快三官网,达博苦苦搜寻仍能为他们办理结婚手续的市政部分幸运快三官网,最后幸运地找到了就在布朗克斯以北的纽约扬克斯市法院法官托马斯·基尼奥内斯幸运快三官网,后者接听了他们的电话,并安排于 3 月 31 日为这对新秀办理结婚证书。

But they were not yet legally married, and by rule, the earliest they could return there to marry was April 2, though Quiñones took into account the couple’s young child and a stay-at-home rule that was now being practiced by many states. He allowed them to stay home April 2, choosing instead, for the first time in his career, to marry a couple on FaceTime, using computers that allowed him to officiate and the couple to exchange vows from their respective homes.

不过,他们还异国相符法成婚,而且根据规定,他们最早也要等到 4 月 2 日。基尼奥内斯考虑到这对夫妇的孩子尚且年小,且现在很多州都在实走居家令,于是批准他们 4 月 2 日待在家里,经过 FaceTime 完善仪式。这是他做事生涯中第一次借助电脑主办婚礼,第一次见证夫妻两边在各自的家中交换誓言。

“On top of everything else, they were a lovely, lovely couple,” Quiñones said. “I have noticed that during these difficult times, folks have different reasons than the typical ones for getting married — as the future is uncertain to all of us.”




A Surprise Ceremony in the Driveway


温斯洛普医院的护士凯莉·多诺霍和拿骚县警官安德鲁·斯科莱于 4 月 5 日在纽约州北梅里克市结婚。


The parade of cars arrived around noon April 5, about 50 slow-moving vehicles heading toward the driveway outside the home of Kelly Donohue, a nurse at NYU Winthrop Hospital, and Andrew Scheurlein, a Nassau County police officer.

4 月 5 日正午,大约 50 辆车徐徐驶向纽约大学温斯洛普医院的护士凯莉·多诺霍和拿骚县警官安德鲁·斯科莱家门口的车道。

Most of the guests thought they had arrived at Donohue’s drive-by bridal shower in North Merrick, New York.


“Some of us were already dancing through the sunroofs of our cars,” said Kiera Egan, a cousin of the bride. But at the sight of Donohue, 27, standing on her front lawn wearing a makeshift veil and white wedding dress, and Scheurlein, 29, standing beside her in a blue suit, they soon realized that they were actually at the couple’s drive-by wedding ceremony.

「吾们中的一些人已经钻出汽车天窗最先跳舞了,」新娘的外亲基拉·伊根说。然而,当多人看见 27 岁的多诺霍戴着浅易面纱、穿着白色婚纱出现在自家草坪上,身边站着 29 岁、身着蓝色套装的斯科莱时,他们很快认识到,本身原形上来到了这对新秀的不下车婚礼现场。

“The way the climate was going in terms of the coronavirus, it seemed more and more likely that our venue was going to cancel on us,” Scheurlein said of their original ceremony scheduled for June 5 at the Milleridge Inn in Jericho, New York, where nearly 300 guests were to be in attendance. “Kelly and I have both been working 12-hour shifts, if not longer, during this coronavirus battle, so we thought that before we went back to work and got so deep into helping those affected by the virus, that we wanted to be able to experience marriage for us and with our families,” Scheurlein said. “We also thought it might help to cheer things up.”

「从眼下的新冠疫情发展趋势来看,吾们原订的仪式很有能够得作废。」斯科莱指的是原订于 6 月 5 日在纽约耶利哥的米勒瑞奇酒店举办的庆典,届时本会有近 300 名来宾参加。「凯莉和吾现在都在同新冠病毒作战,得 12 小时轮班,未必候甚至更长,以是吾们想在回到做事岗位、全力以赴协助那些受病毒影响的人们之前,能够和家人一首体验婚姻的喜悦。吾们觉得,这也许也能够协助行家振奋首来。」

His father, Richard Scheurlein, became ordained online and officiated in front of the couple’s garage door, as their guests, including the bride’s grandparents, Lois McDonald, 86, and John McDonald, 87, who live next door, all watched from a safe distance.

他的父亲理查德·斯科莱批准了在线任命,在这对新秀的车库门口主办了婚礼。包括住在隔壁的新娘的祖父母、86 岁路易丝·麦克唐纳和 87 岁的约翰·麦克唐纳在内,所有来宾都在坦然距离外面看了婚礼。

The very next day, the newlyweds were both back at their jobs, continuing to aid others in the battle against COVID-19.


“What we both do for a living is emotionally draining,” Donohue said. “When we get around to it, we will have a much larger celebration with family and friends. But right now, we each have a job to do.”




A Wedding Hastily Rescheduled


凯瑟琳·亨赛尔和保罗·席勒于 3 月 22 日举走了婚礼,当他们脱离纽约州州劳登维尔的圣皮乌斯十世教堂时,人们用吹泡泡的手段欢迎他们。

Paul Schiller called it an “Oh-my-God moment.”


It was the moment that prompted Schiller, 64, to marry Kathleen Hensel, 59, on March 22, instead of March 28, as originally planned, at St. Pius X Church in Loudonville, New York.

正是如许的时刻,促使 64 岁的席勒将原订于 3 月 28 日的计划挑前,在 3 月 22 日与 59 岁的凯瑟琳·亨塞尔在纽约劳登维尔的圣皮乌斯十世教堂成婚。

The moment was created not by divine entity nor by the Rev. James Walsh, a Roman Catholic priest who stayed in the couple’s presence, even in the absence of a best man, a reception hall, or 35 of the original 45 invited guests. (There was, however, a photographer there. “I’m going to need some proof that the kind of wedding day I had really happened,” Hensel said.)

创造这一刻的不是某方神圣,也不是那时在场的可敬的罗马上帝教神父詹姆斯·沃尔什,不是由于异国伴郎,异国婚宴,也不是由于最初邀请的 45 名来宾中有 35 人不克到场。(不过,现场仍有别名摄影师。亨塞尔说,「吾必要一些证据,表明那样一个婚礼真的发生过。」)

That Oh-my-God moment, Schiller said, was when Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the “New York State on PAUSE” executive order. Among a 10-point policy to assure uniform safety for everyone was an order that nonessential gatherings of any size and for any reason should be canceled or postponed. It was effective March 22 at 8 p.m.

席勒说,州长安德鲁·科莫宣布「纽约州一时停摆」的一刻简直「要命」。这项旨在确保整体坦然的政令包含 10 条措施,其中一条规定,任何周围、任何因为的非必要集会整齐作废或延期。政令于 3 月 22 日晚 8 点奏效。

Just days before the edict, the governor had limited the number of people who could attend social gatherings to 10.

就在该项政令发布前几天,州长已经将外交集会的人数限定在 10 人以下。

“We had to tell 35 of our friends and family members that they could no longer come to our wedding,” Schiller said, “and we also had to scramble to push our wedding date ahead of the governor’s deadline.

「吾们不得不报告 35 位亲友,告诉他们不克来参加吾们的婚礼,吾们还要把婚礼挑到到州长规定的末了期限之前,」席勒说。

“In the meantime, the restaurant we were supposed to have our reception in, canceled, as did the restaurant at the hotel in Park City, Utah, where we were going for our honeymoon,” he added.


When asked what he did for a living, Schiller’s answer suggested that he would be much more help to New York state, its governor and the COVID-19-fighting world beyond: “I’m an entrepreneur working on a virus-killing, ultraviolet, disinfecting kind of thing that caters to the medical industry,” he said. “Let’s just leave it at that.”


Hensel, a landscaper who lives with Schiller in an apartment in Voorheesville, New York, said that her most difficult and emotional wedding-related loss was that her big brother, Bill Hensel, a nurse who lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, who was supposed to walk her down the aisle, couldn’t attend.


“Our parents are deceased, so I don’t have a father who could do that job,” said Hensel, her voice starting to crack. “Bill has three sons, so he will probably never get that kind of opportunity again. It’s really upsetting.


“But above everything else, Paul and I love each other,” she said, “and somehow, we managed to get married.”




The Generosity of Strangers


杰罗德·帕斯和维多利亚·卡温顿于 3 月 20 日在布兰泰尔——马萨诸塞州莱诺克斯的一个运动空间结婚。婚礼策划师塔拉·康索拉蒂自愿策划并主办了这场婚礼。


Jerrod Pass, an Army recruiter, learned early March 14 that there would soon be a ban on domestic travel for all military service members and civilian employees. Soon after he was in a group chat with his groomsmen — all while his fiancée, Victoria Covington, was asleep upstairs in their Chicopee, Massachusetts, home.

3 月 14 日,征兵官杰罗德·帕斯一得知所有武士和文职雇员很快将不得在国内旅走,就与伴郎们讨论首对策。那时,他的单身妻维多利亚·卡温顿在他们位于马萨诸塞奇科皮的小家的楼上睡眠。

“I didn’t want to tell her until I was sure,” said Pass, 25. “I didn’t want to see her upset and tell her we probably couldn’t get married.”

「吾不想在确定之前告诉她,吾不想告诉她吾们能够没法结婚了,然后看着她死心的外情,」25 岁的帕斯说。

The couple met on the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel in May 2018 when both lived in Virginia and had their first date the following month. They saw each other every night until August, when Pass moved to Massachusetts for work. A trip to Las Vegas that Christmas Eve led to an impromptu proposal.

他们俩是 2018 年 5 月经过约会行使「咖啡遇到贝果」认识的,随即最先约会。那时,两人都在弗吉尼亚,每晚 8 点都会见面,直到 8 月份帕斯因做事因为搬去马萨诸塞。那年圣诞夜,他们一首去了拉斯维加斯,并上演了一场即兴求婚。

“We were visiting her parents, and we went to see the Bobby Rose show; it’s half performance, half open mic. They asked if I was going to propose. I’d said yes,” Pass said. “They thought I meant that night. When the open mic part started they kept telling me to go up onstage. I sang ‘Cruising’, which I’d sung to her on our first date, then I got down on one knee.”


They planned to marry April 4 at Sunset Gardens, an events space with a chapel in Las Vegas. All of the final arrangements had been made by February.

他们原计划 4 月在拉斯维加斯带小教堂的斜阳花园举走婚礼。2 月,一致安排停当。

Besides him not being able to travel, there were talks of lockdowns and restrictions on group gatherings.


“We’d spent a year planning a wedding that wasn’t happening and had lost a lot of money and didn’t have funds for another,” said Covington, 25, an outpatient clinician at Clinical & Support Options, a nonprofit mental health agency. “I only wanted two things: to be married and to hire a photographer. I value pictures.”

「吾们花了一年时间策划婚礼,到头来却无法举走,吾们亏损了很多钱,也没钱再重新办一场,」25 岁的卡温顿说。她是非营利性心思健康机构临床声援中央的门诊医生。「吾只想着两件事:结婚,雇别名摄影师。吾很喜欢照片。」

So, March 15, Covington called Dani Klein-Williams, a photographer in Northampton, Massachusetts, to see if she could photograph them at the nearby Chicopee City Hall, where they thought they would be getting a license and marrying.

抱着如许的思想,3 月 15 日,卡温顿打电话给马萨诸塞州北安普顿的摄影师达尼·克莱恩-威廉姆斯,问她是否能为他们在附近的奇科皮市政厅照相,由于他们会在那里办结婚证。

Klein-Williams, wanting to give the couple more than a city hall elopement, called Tara Consolati, a wedding planner. Additional vendors were contacted. Flowers were donated, so was use of Blantyre, an events space in Lenox, Massachusetts. A videographer would film and livestream the ceremony to family and friends.


The couple still needed a license. They drove 15 minutes north and obtained one of the last licenses issued by the Springfield City Hall, the day before it closed.

这对新秀还差一张结婚证。他们开车北上 15 分钟,赶在斯普林菲尔德市政厅关门的前镇日拿到了结婚证。

On March 20, at 5:15 p.m., the couple arrived at Blantyre. When they entered the room, neither could believe the generosity offered by a group of strangers. Consolati, ordained by the Universal Life Church, officiated, and was joined by the photographer, videographer and two others from the venue.

3 月 20 日下昼 5:15,这对新秀抵达布兰泰尔。当他们走进大厅,几乎无法信任刻下来自一群生硬人的慷慨。受普世生命教堂任命的康索拉蒂主办了婚礼,在场的还有摄影师、摄像师和另外两小我。

“What they created was beautiful and genuine,” Covington said. “People forget the marriage is what’s important. As long as I have the essentials, all the other stuff is a privilege.”


Pass added one more thing: “I got to marry this beautiful woman. Nothing was going to stop this moment.”




A Dance in the Church Parking Lot


莎拉·克里斯蒂安森和约书亚·布吕克纳于 3 月 21 日在威斯康星州麦迪逊市的上帝教堂举走了婚礼,只有小批人出席。

Joshua Bruecken and Sarah Christianson married March 21 in an almost empty Madison, Wisconsin, church. But they were far from alone. Minutes after the ceremony, they had their first dance as husband and wife in a parking lot as friends watched from their cars.

3 月 21 日,约书亚·布吕克纳和莎拉·克里斯蒂安森在威斯康星州麦迪逊市一座几乎空无一人的教堂里结了婚。但并非异国人见证他们的美满时刻。婚礼终结几分钟后,这对新秀在停车场跳了成婚后的第一支舞,至交们就坐在车里看着他们。

Bruecken, a 31-year-old facilities director at St. Maria Goretti Parish in Madison, and Christianson, a 29-year-old underwriter at West Bend Mutual Insurance, met in a local bar and had been dating for the last four years. Before the coronavirus pandemic, they had planned to be married May 2 and host a reception for 350 friends and family members.

31 岁的布吕克纳是麦迪逊市圣玛利亚·戈莱蒂教区的物业主管,29 岁的克里斯蒂安森是西本德相互保险公司的核保员。他们是在当地一家酒吧认识彼此的,谈了四年恋喜欢。新冠还没爆发时,他们计划 5 月 2 日结婚,邀请 350 位亲朋良朋参加婚礼。

They also planned a honeymoon in Italy but then reconsidered as the virus spread and travel restrictions increased. Ireland was their next choice, and then that, too, was out. They considered moving their wedding date to accommodate for a honeymoon, but as Christianson noted, “neither of us was excited about waiting an undetermined amount of time.”


Then after learning Wisconsin’s state-mandated shutdown was coming and not wanting to postpone their long-planned wedding for an unknown date in the future, they decided to wed before the shutdown happened.


The were married in Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Madison, at a full Mass performed by the Rev. Samuel Hakeem, with only their parents, two of their siblings and a lone musician in attendance. The bride wore green, as her wedding dress was not yet ready.


Many of their 350 guests watched a livestream on Zoom, which was shot by the bride’s brother. As friends and family watched, some dressed as if they were actually at the wedding and reception.

他们的 350 位来宾中有很多经过 Zoom 柔件不雅旁观了新娘哥哥拍摄的婚礼直播。这些亲朋良朋不光见证了他们的婚礼,一些人还像真实参加婚礼和婚宴相通益益着装打扮了一番。

Sheila Wenger, 45, a first-grade teacher’s aid who lives in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, and has worked with the groom for the last year, said the idea of dressing up to watch the live feed was sparked by a joke she made with a few of her work colleagues. “A few hours before the wedding, we were texting, and someone wrote, ‘The wedding is at 2.’ I said, ‘OK, I’ll try to find an old bridesmaid’s dress and get dressed up and watch it.’” And she did, as did several other teachers and their husbands. “My husband thought I was a total dork,” Wenger said, “but it was a lot of fun.”

45 岁的希拉·温格是威斯康星州麦迪逊市菲奇堡一位一年级教师助理,以前一年不息和新郎一首做事。她说,她由于和几个同事开了个玩乐而产生了艳服打扮看直播的思想。「婚礼前几个小时吾们在发消息座谈,有人发了句:『婚礼两点最先。』吾说:『益吧,吾会试着找件旧的伴娘礼服,打扮益再看直播。』」她切实这么做了。其他几位先生和她们的外子也不破例。温格说:「吾外子觉得吾傻了,但这很有有趣。」

Several guests drove to the church to give the couple an 18-car “reception parade,” driving in a circle around the parking lot as the couple exited the big double doors. One driver blasted the couple’s first-dance song, Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up.” The newlyweds danced in the middle of the lot, giving them some semblance of normalcy and a great story for their children one day.

一些客人驱车前去教堂,18 辆车为这对新秀构成了「婚礼车队」。车队围绕停车场转了一圈,欢迎新秀走出教堂大门。一位司机大声放首了杰森·玛耶兹的《吾不会屏舍》(I Won’t Give Up),为这对新秀婚后的第一支舞伴奏。新秀在停车场中央翩翩首舞,生活雷联相符时间回归了平常的光景。异日总有镇日,他们会为他们的孩子讲述一个远大的故事。



The Most Important Thing? Getting Married



为防患于未然,两人都戴着手套。他们在 3 月 21 日举走了婚礼。

When Tess Weiner and Zachary Crane met at the house of a mutual friend in Quogue, New York, in the summer of 2016, both were soon to begin their final year of graduate school. She was finishing a degree in social work at NYU, and he was at Vanderbilt, from which he received both a law degree and a master’s degree in finance.

2016 年夏季,苔丝·韦纳在纽约州古格市一位至交的家里认识了扎卡里·克兰,那时他们都快最先钻研生末了一年的学习了。她在纽约大学攻读社会做事的学位,他则在范德堡大学获得了法律学位和金融硕士学位。

The two spent Friday night and all day Saturday together. Both knew there was something special. “We were very open with each other, very honest with each other,” said Weiner, a social worker in the Head Start program at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House. “I thought, ‘There’s something different about this one,’ within weeks of meeting him, and then that turned out to be true.”

他们一首度过了周五夜晚和周六一镇日,彼此都产生了一些稀奇的感觉。在雷诺克斯山社区之家「启蒙计划」(Head Start)当社工的韦纳说:「吾们对彼此很坦诚,互相敞喜悦扉。和他见了几周后吾想:『这人有点纷歧样。』原形表明他切实是差别的。」

The couple, now both 27, dated until Crane had to return to school in Nashville, Tennessee. When he came home for Thanksgiving, she suggested that they hang out Friday evening. “I said, ‘I want a full day,’ ” said Crane, a managing director and the senior legal counsel at Dwight Capital, a real estate lender in New York. Both view that date as a turning point in their relationship.

这对情侣今年都 27 岁。克兰回田纳西州纳什维尔市上学之前,他们不息在约会。等他再回家过感恩节时,韦纳挑议两人周五夜晚出去玩。克兰说:「吾说:『吾想一镇日(都和你在一首)。』」他在纽约房地产贷款机构 Dwight Capital 担任总经理和高级法律顾问。克兰和韦纳都把这镇日视作两人有关的转变点。

After both graduated and he had returned to his parents’ house in Kings Point, New York, to spend the summer studying for the bar, they developed a regular date night. She’d take the train to Great Neck, and they’d go for sushi pizza, maybe a little wine, at a place his family has been patronizing for 30 years. “We always sat at the same table,” he said.


The couple had originally planned to marry April 4 at Heritage Club at Bethpage in Farmingdale, New York, with 250 guests. They were reluctant to simply postpone to a later date. “The most important thing for us was getting married, and we didn’t want to wait,” Crane said. “We always felt that ‘fiancé,’ ‘boyfriend, girlfriend,’ these titles weren’t strong enough to represent our commitment to each other and how we feel about each other.”

韦纳和克兰原计划 4 月 4 日在纽约州法明代尔的贝思佩奇市 Heritage Club 举走婚礼,邀请 250 位来宾。他们不情愿就这么推迟婚期。「对吾们而言最主要的事就是结婚,吾们不想再等了,」克兰道,「吾们总觉得『单身夫』、『男女至交』这些称呼不及以代外吾们对彼此的允诺和感觉。」

So the couple, their parents, their siblings and the officiant, Rabbi Robert S. Widom, convened at Temple Emanuel of Great Neck on March 21, and with everyone maintaining suggested distances they were married. They streamed the ceremony live to about 100 friends and family. The bride wore a white dress, though not her wedding dress, and the groom wore a suit, not his wedding tuxedo. Afterward, the wedding party shared a glass of Champagne in the synagogue’s parking lot. Again, at a careful distance.

因此在 3 月 21 日,他们两人在父母、兄弟姐妹和司仪牧师拉比·罗伯特·S·维多姆的见证下,在大颈伊曼纽尔教堂成了婚。每位出席来宾都保持了提出外交距离。他们向大约 100 位亲朋良朋直播了这场婚礼。新娘穿着一袭白色连衣裙,新郎穿着一套西装,但都不是结婚礼服。婚礼终结后,人们在教堂停车场一首喝了一杯香槟,权当婚礼派对。自然,每小我照样保持着提出外交距离。

And then the newlyweds headed to East Quogue, New York, not far from the place where they had met, to a house they had rented the day before their marriage. They plan an entire month of honeymooning in place.


They haven’t yet been able to reschedule the ceremony before friends and family, with so many other couples also working to do the same thing. “It’s really all up in the air,” Weiner said.




Mexico Will Have to Wait


3 月 18 日,金伯利·皮尔特勒和马尔特·加布里埃尔在曼哈顿婚姻局外举走婚礼。他们不得不作废了 原计划 3 月 21 日在墨西哥举走的婚礼。

Kimberly Pirtle had flown to Berlin for a few days in 2015 to participate in a 10-kilometer running race, and, as was her habit, logged in to Tinder to get tips from locals on what she ought to see there, “as a tour-guide service,” she said. “I rarely met up with the people I matched with.”

2015 年,金伯利·皮尔特勒飞去柏林待了几天,参加了一场十公里的跑步比赛。那时她民俗性登录 Tinder,想看看有异国当地人能给她一些提出,告诉她当地有什么值得一看的东西。她说:「就像导游服务。吾很少会去见吾(在 Tinder)匹配到的人。」

Malte Gabriel responded, telling her that in the next couple of months he would be relocating for his job to New York, where she had lived. He suggested a favorite bar that she might visit. He also asked if she would like to go for a jog with him at 10 o’clock at night.


She was horrified and declined. “I thought that he was a serial killer,” she said. (It turns out he’d made the proposal with the idea that between her recent arrival to Berlin’s time zone and her intention to run a race, the late hour might be an appealing accommodation, instead of the more customary cocktails.)


After she left Germany — her performance at the race was “leisurely,” she said — he emailed her every couple of weeks. They learned a few things about each other. He found her courteous if not eager; she found him persistent. And by the time he had moved to New York and jokingly told her that it was a tradition for locals to take new arrivals out for ice cream, she relented.


The two went bar hopping in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he had lived, and found that they never ran out of things to talk about. He gave her a ride back to his apartment on the handlebars of his bicycle, and then she took an Uber home. It was 3 a.m. on a weeknight.

加布里埃尔住在布鲁克林。于是两人去了那里的威廉斯堡泡吧。他们发现,彼此永世都有聊不完的话题。他骑着自走车带她回了本身的公寓,然后她再坐 Uber 回家。那是一个做事日夜晚的早晨三点。

“Already the first date, I was like, ‘Wow, what a woman,’ ” said Gabriel, now a product manager at 7Park Data, a data and analytics firm in New York.

加布里埃尔说:「第一次约会时吾就想:『哇,多棒的姑娘啊。』」他现在在纽约数据分析公司 7Park Data 当产品经理。

Pirtle, now the senior manager for client development in New York for Prada, also was taken. “We spent the whole date just talking, but the thing that I think we both remember from the date is how we had the same major in undergrad, which was economics, and we discussed what our favorite course was, both practical reasoning and logic,” she said. “And when we found that out, we had already begun falling in love.”

皮尔特勒是纽约 Prada 别名客户拓展高级经理。那时她也被加布里埃尔迷住了:「整个约会吾们都不息在不息座谈。不过吾想那天给吾们两边都留下印象的事是,吾们大学读的都是经济学,吾们讨论了吾们最喜欢的课程,吾们都喜欢实践推理和逻辑课。等到吾们发现的时候,吾们就已经坠入喜欢河了。」

Their relationship ambled through the usual negotiations of jobs, graduate school and relocations. They were engaged in December 2018, on the night before leaving the first apartment that they had shared, in Boston, where she was studying for an MBA at Harvard.

他们往往一首讨论做事、钻研生院校和搬迁的题目,有关也徐徐安详下来。2018 年 12 月,脱离在波士顿同住的第一套公寓的前镇日夜晚,他们订了婚。那时皮尔特勒正在波士顿的哈佛大学攻读 MBA。

They had planned a March 21 wedding at a vacation rental in Merida, Mexico, where her family originally from Detroit and his from a German village of 450 would meet. Instead, March 18, the two were married at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau.

根据计划,他们本该 3 月 21 日在墨西哥梅里达一处度伪出租屋举走婚礼。她的家人从底特律起程,他的家人从德国一个 450 人的乡下起程,两家人在婚礼现场见面。不事后来,他们改为了 3 月 18 日在曼哈顿婚姻登记处结婚。

“There was something to be said about not allowing this pandemic to cancel our union,” she said. “A wedding is great; it’s a celebration of a union, but at the end of the day, a marriage is about the coming together of two. We didn’t let the pandemic take that away from us.”




Hurrying Up in Hobe Sound


安·布列斯南和尼古拉斯·杨于 3 月 9 日在佛罗里达州霍比桑德市的圣克里斯托弗上帝教堂举走了婚礼。

Ann Bresnan and Nicholas Young were quick to change their wedding date before the coronavirus took hold of the United States.


“We knew about the virus, we knew it was spreading, and that’s all we needed to know,” said Bresnan, 72, who married Young, 73, on March 9 at St. Christopher’s Catholic Church in Hobe Sound, Florida, where they live.

72 岁的布列斯南说:「吾们清新有这栽病毒,清新它在传播。吾们只必要清新这些就够了。」她和 73 岁的杨生活在佛罗里达州霍比桑德市。3 月 9 日,他们在当地的圣克里斯托弗上帝教堂成了婚。

Bresnan, whose first marriage ended in divorce, was a widow when she married Young, a widower, with whom she has been friends for more than 40 years.


They had initially decided to marry in Hobe Sound on March 16, which turned out to be the first day that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, coordinating with New Jersey and Connecticut, limited gatherings to no more than 50 people in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

他们正本打算 3 月 16 日在霍比桑德举走婚礼,效果那天是纽约州最先实走节制措施的第镇日——与新泽西州、康涅狄格州协商后,纽约州州长安德鲁·科莫下令集会人数不得超过 50 人,期待以此不准新冠传播扩散。

News from New York is always of particular interest to Bresnan, a retired real estate agent and mother of five. Her youngest daughter, Lindsay Benedict, 40, lives in Brooklyn but is currently in Lisbon, Portugal, along with her 4-year-old daughter, Simone. Both are in quarantine, and Benedict, a single mother, is pregnant.

布列斯南对纽约的讯息总是稀奇感有趣。她是一位退息了的房地产经纪人,有五个孩子。她小女儿林赛·本尼迪克特 40 岁,就住在布鲁克林。不过现在本尼迪克特和她 4 岁的女儿西蒙妮正在葡萄牙里斯本,两小我都在批准阻隔,单亲妈妈本尼迪克特还怀孕了。

“She’s due in July,” Bresnan said. “She told me that Simone often gets bored and looks out of a window in their apartment and shouts at anyone she sees, ‘Do you speak Brooklyn?’ ”


Benedict, who is a part of the Zaratan artist-in-residence program in Lisbon, and her young family arrived there Feb. 28 and were supposed to be back in Brooklyn on March 28. The virus “has changed everything and just devastated people’s lives,” Bresnan said, choking back tears.

本尼迪克特参与了里斯本的 Zaratan 驻地艺术家项现在,她和女儿 2 月 28 日抵达里斯本,展望 3 月 28 日返回布鲁克林。布列斯南强忍着泪水道:「(病毒)转变了一致,损坏了人们的生活。」

Young, a father of three who is retired as a partner in Spencer Stuart, an executive search firm based in New York, also has a daughter, Lacey Young, who is 30 and living in Brooklyn.

杨有三个孩子,是纽约猎头公司 Spencer Stuart 的相符伙人,现在已经退息了。他的女儿莱西·杨今年 30 岁,也住在布鲁克林。

“While we are very concerned about the girls, we know where they are and that they’re safe,” he said. “It won’t be long before this virus is gone, and they are here.”




Less Than a Minute in Manolo Blahniks

脚穿莫罗·伯拉尼克的 45 秒

艾玛·库奇和安德鲁·赫斯勒于 3 月 19 日在曼哈顿的一个近乎空旷的婚姻局举走了婚礼。

在 45 秒的婚礼仪式后,新婚夫妇站在市政厅的台阶上。

Emma Cucci had been saving her Manolo Blahniks for something special. And that something special was a 45-second wedding ceremony March 19 at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau.

艾玛·库奇收藏着一双莫罗·伯拉尼克,以留待稀奇时刻之用,最后她在本身的婚礼上穿上了这双鞋。这场婚礼于 3 月 19 日在曼哈顿婚姻登记处举走,用时共 45 秒。

That’s when she married Andrew Hessler, after the couple had hastily called off their April 4 wedding ceremony in her hometown Kalamazoo, Michigan, where 200 invited guests would have watched the couple say their vows.

在这场婚礼上,她与安德鲁·赫斯勒结为了夫妻。他们匆忙作废了原定于 4 月 4 日,在她的家乡密歇根州卡拉马祖举走的婚礼,届时本会有 200 名受邀来宾见证这对新秀的宣誓。

But the effects of the coronavirus pandemic were evident and, March 11, the couple knew their original plans would need to change.

但由于新冠疫情爆发,这对夫妻在 3 月 11 日决定更改他们的计划。

“Everything happened faster in New York than Michigan,” said Cucci, 26, who until recently was the human resources manager and the executive assistant at Choosy, a fashion and technology company in New York.


“We were devastated,” said Hessler, 31, an investments audit manager at Annaly Capital Management, a mortgage real estate investment trust in New York. “We wanted to be together; we wanted to get married before the virus took it away from us.”

「吾们很担心」,31 岁的赫斯勒在纽约房地产投资信托公司——阿拉尼资本管理公司担任投资审计经理。「吾们想在一首,吾们不想由于疫情而作废婚礼」。

On March 18, they raced to the marriage bureau from their East Village apartment to pick up the license to satisfy the required minimum 24-hour wait before the ceremony and on their way out decided to get married the next day.

3 月 18 日,他们从东村的公寓赶到婚姻登记处领取结婚允诺证,以达成起码 24 小时期待期的婚礼举办条件,并在脱离时决定第二天结婚。

“Oh man, this was all unwinding with speeds we did not expect,” Cucci said.


While they waited for their license in the bureau, they created a to-do list. Her first priority was a dress. With Hessler’s input, and using her cellphone to peruse choices on the website of Zimmermann, a SoHo shop, she went with a floral dress that Hessler “couldn’t imagine her in anything else.”


She already knew the shoes to pair with it, her never-worn silver-gray Manolo Blahnik flats.


“I was saving them for something special,” she said. She had a tough time finding a florist to design a bouquet to match the floral print of her dress, but close to home, she said, Blue Meadow Flowers “took mercy on me” and designed a “gorgeous little bouquet of mostly yellow and light orange roses.”


“I wanted to remember the day and look back on it as my most beautiful confident self,” said Cucci, who also lined up the BAM Wedding Photography duo and the in-home beauty service Glamsquad to do her makeup at 6:30 a.m.

「吾想记住这镇日,并在日后回顾时,回想首的是吾最时兴、最自夸的一壁,」库奇说道。她预约了巴姆婚纱摄影的两位摄影师,以及上门美容服务公司格莱姆斯格德在早晨 6:30 为她化妆。

As she got ready the next morning, Hessler picked up her favorite iced coffee with almond milk from Tompkins Square Bagels. (He knew the order from their first date on July 4, 2017, at Black Cat Cafe, after meeting online). Before they left their apartment she dug into her jewelry box for anything resembling two wedding bands, and pulled out two silver rings, the kind that turn your finger green.

第二天早晨,当她准备完毕时,赫斯勒掏出了他在汤普金斯方形百吉饼店购买的,她最喜欢的加杏仁奶的冰咖啡。(他在首次约会时就发现了她的这个喜欢。他们在网上相识,于 2017 年 7 月 4 日在黑猫咖啡馆最先了第一次约会)。出门前,她在本身的细软盒里翻找相通结婚戒指的物品,然后拿出了两枚银戒指,能让手指变绿的那栽。

“We walked into an absolutely empty marriage bureau,” Cucci said. But they did see their two photographers and Hessler’s parents, who live in New Jersey, standing there.


“It was a 45-second ceremony,” she said. “But, I didn’t care how I was going to marry him, April 4 or March 19. I was thrilled to be his wife.”

「仪式用时 45 秒,」她说。「但是,吾不在意吾是怎么嫁给他的,是 4 月 4 日照样 3 月 19 日。吾很起劲能成为他的妻子。」



A Holiday Wedding After All


塞缪尔·科恩和奥黛丽·艾丽娅于 3 月 20日在马里兰州安纳波利斯的海边举走了婚礼。

Audrey Arya and Samuel Cohen had wanted their nuptials to coincide with Nowruz, the Persian New Year, as the bride’s family is Persian. Their wedding did indeed take place on the holiday, which celebrates the equinox and arrival of spring, but the coronavirus pandemic forced a change in plans anyway.


They had intended to marry March 20 in the courthouse in Bethesda, Maryland, near their residence, but it began requiring appointments. Instead, they obtained a license in a different county, Anne Arundel, which includes Annapolis, and then enlisted a family friend, James R. Degges, who was ordained online through American Marriage Ministries, for the event.

他们正本打算于 3 月 20 日在马里兰州贝塞斯达的法院举走婚礼,它就在家附近,但之后这家法院必要挑前预约。末了,他们在安妮·阿伦德尔县获得了结婚允诺证。婚礼举走时,见证者有安纳波利斯城,他们还邀请了一位世交詹姆斯·R·德格斯。德格斯为了主办这场婚礼,专门在美国婚姻部的网站申请了牧师授任。

“Because I’m Persian, Nowruz is kind of a big deal,” said Arya, 35, a literacy teacher at Roscoe Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland.

「由于吾是波斯人,以是很偏重诺鲁孜节,」35 岁的艾莉亚说,她是马里兰州西尔弗斯普林罗斯科涅克斯小学的识字先生。

The couple had originally hoped to be married in Istanbul, where the bride’s parents, who live in Isfahan, Iran, would be allowed to travel. But after their engagement in December 2019, they found that they didn’t have enough time to put together an international wedding.

这对夫妻正本期待在伊斯坦布尔结婚,新娘的父母住在伊朗的伊斯法罕,他们能够在那里旅走。但在 2019 年 12 月订婚后,他们发现本身异国优裕的时间来举办一场国际婚礼。

Arya, who is a widow, and Cohen, 34, a candidate for a doctoral degree in physical chemistry whose thesis defense has also been postponed, initially met through dating app eHarmony in May 2018, when he was on a fellowship in Grenoble, France.

艾莉亚是个寡妇,而 34 岁的科恩正在攻读物理化学博士学位,现在他的论文答辩也被推迟了。两人最初在 2018 年 5 月经过约会行使 eHarmony 相识,那时他正在法国的格勒诺布尔联谊。

“It was serendipitous that she happened to be living in Bethesda, 20 to 25 minutes from the University of Maryland,” to which he would soon be returning for his studies, he said.


The two found a common love of literature and were soon reading poetry to each other while on FaceTime.

两边有共同的文学喜欢益,于是不久后两人最先经过 FaceTime 互相给对方朗读诗歌。

“We could speak for hours without getting bored, without running out of things to say,” Cohen said. “I got to know her, and I think that’s why I fell in love before I met her.”




A Backdrop of Cherry Blossoms


梅·奥弗迈耶和威尔·戈捷于 3 月 18 日在华盛顿怒放的樱花树下结婚。


May Overmyer and Will Gauthier, 23-year-old Brooklynites, were sitting in a Mexican restaurant in Washington on March 14 discussing details of their wedding, slated for May 2 at Georgetown Presbyterian Church in Washington. Overmyer’s parents, Melissa and Dale Overmyer, were there as well.

3 月 14 日,23 岁的布鲁克林人梅·奥弗迈耶和威尔·戈捷坐在华盛顿的一家墨西哥餐馆里讨论婚礼细节。他们计划于 5 月 2 日在华盛顿乔治城的长老会教堂举走婚礼。奥弗迈耶的父母梅丽莎和戴尔·奥弗迈耶也在场。

The future bride noted that she had sent out 200 invitations. The groom was proud that his father, the Rev. Mark Gauthier, a Protestant minister, would be leading the ceremony, followed by a reception at the Overmyer family home.

准新娘外示她已经发出了 200 张请柬。新郎自夸地告诉行家,他的父亲、新教牧师马克·戈捷将主办婚礼。婚礼之后他们会在奥弗迈耶的家里举走招待会。

Love was clearly in the air, but so was the coronavirus. Overmyer already had to readjust some of her plans. She completed only half of a yearlong internship in Thailand with International Justice Mission before the coronavirus outbreak forced her to return home in January.

爱善心在空气中弥漫,但新冠病毒也是。奥弗迈耶已经不得不重新调整她的一些计划。1 月份由于新冠疫情爆发,她被迫回国,原定在泰国人权机关国际公义使团的为期一年的演习才完善了一半。

“I told May and Will that they needed a new plan, one that involved getting married sooner,” Melissa Overmyer said. “As soon as I said it, you could see these sparks of light dancing in May’s eyes,” she added. “It was clear that she liked what she was hearing.”


So did Gauthier, who works for a software company in Manhattan. He and Overmyer had met at the King’s College, a private Christian liberal arts college in Lower Manhattan.


Gauthier immediately called his mother, Kristi Gauthier, and his father, who live in Orlando, Florida, to explain the plan, and both said they were on board. The two families talked quick logistics and determined that Wednesday, March 18, would be the couple’s new wedding date and that it would still take place in Washington.

戈捷立即打电话给住在佛罗里达州奥兰多的母亲克丽丝蒂·戈捷和父亲,跟他们表清新这件事,两小我都说他们在火车上。两家人快捷商量了一下,决定 3 月 18 日(周三)为他们举办婚礼,婚礼仍将在华盛顿举走。

The scramble was on. “All I had packed for that weekend was a pair of jeans,” Gauthier said.


“I jumped into the car and spent nearly an entire day looking for a suit and shoes and tie for the wedding,” he said, “while May got her hair and nails done, stuff like that.” Overmyer already had her wedding dress at her parents’ house.


By the time their new wedding day arrived, the virus had shut down Georgetown Presbyterian Church, so the couple decided to have their ceremony among the cherry blossoms in Washington.


Nine people, including the bride and groom and the wedding party, managed to make it to the ceremony.


With many restaurants closed, except for deliveries or takeouts, it seemed as if there would be no reception. But someone knew a friend who knew a friend who was able to steer the wedding party to a local restaurant, where the owner allowed them to dine in the upstairs area of his establishment, behind closed doors.


“I have to admit, I felt kind of uneasy eating in there, but it was a wonderful treat after a long, wonderful day,” Overmyer said. “Hey, at least we can say we were under the 10-person-limit for crowd gathering.”

「吾不得不承认,在那里吃饭的时候吾有点不自在,但经过漫长而美益的镇日后,这是一栽美妙的享福,」奥弗迈耶说。「嘿,起码吾们能够说,吾们异国忤逆民多荟萃最多 10 人的规定。」



Last Chance at the Jailhouse


凯蒂·坎贝尔和瑞安·杰尼甘于 3 月 17 日在北卡罗来纳州罗顺遂威克县拘留中央举走了婚礼。

Katy Campbell and Ryan Jernigan will try once more, Aug. 8, to have a ceremony in Raleigh, North Carolina, as their originally planned wedding date, March 21, was rescheduled because of restrictions stemming from the coronavirus.

凯蒂·坎贝尔和瑞安·杰尼甘将于 8 月 8 日在北卡罗来纳州的罗利再次举走婚礼。他们原定的婚期是 3 月 21 日,由于新冠疫情而被迫改期。

Despite much chaos and lost time, the itineraries created for both wedding days are still very much the same.


For instance, Campbell, 27, and Jernigan, 35, are still getting married at the Cannon Room, an events space in Raleigh, and the bride will still wear her white, strapless-laced wedding dress by BHLDN, and the groom’s blue Tommy Hilfiger suit is pressed and ready to go.

比如, 27 岁的坎贝尔和 35 岁的杰尼甘仍会在罗利的婚宴大厅加农厅举走婚礼,新娘仍会穿着 BHLDN 的白色吊带婚纱,而新郎的蓝色汤米·希尔费格西装已经熨益,随时能够上身。

Campbell, a marketing strategist with VisionPoint Marketing in Raleigh, also said that the guest list and caterer are still the same, and Jernigan, manager of the Apple Store in Raleigh, where the couple first met 10 years ago while working there, rebooked their Sri Lanka honeymoon for Aug. 10. (They were engaged in November 2018 in Thailand.)

坎贝尔是罗顺遂一家视觉点营销公司的营销策略师,她还说,来宾名单和宴会承办人照样是相通的,而罗利苹果直营店的经理杰尼甘则重新预订了 8 月 10 日在斯里兰卡度蜜月的走程。10 年前,他们在罗利做事,也在罗利第一次相见。(两人于 2018 年 11 月在泰国订婚。)

In fact, the only major difference between both wedding days is the ceremony itself. Though the Aug. 8 affair will include an exchange of vows, the couple were already legally married March 17 at a county jail in Raleigh.

原形上,这两场婚礼唯一的主要区别就是仪式本身。固然 8 月 8 日的婚礼流程仍有交换誓言这一项,但这对夫妻已经于 3 月 17 日在罗利的一座县监狱里举走了相符法婚礼。

“I know that sounds crazy, but despite the fact that we rescheduled the wedding, we really wanted to be married,” Campbell said. “But by the time we got to the courthouse, everything was closed because of the virus, and a security guard there told us that the only place left where a judge could legally marry us was 2 miles away, at the Wake County Detention Center.”


So off to jail they went, Campbell dressed in a black floor-length tulle dress and Jernigan in his Tommy Hilfiger suit. The judge allowed the couple to FaceTime their brief ceremony to Lana Jernigan, the groom’s mother, who lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina, (his father, Tony Jernigan, is deceased), and the bride’s two mothers, Donnetta Campbell and Martha Vogt.


Immediately after the wedding the couple went home and placed themselves under self-quarantine. Campbell, who has multiple sclerosis, said she is at greater risk of contracting the coronavirus.


“What a way to start a married life,” Campbell said, laughing. “But the bottom line is that we wanted to be married, and somehow, we managed to get it done.”




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